My mother and sister run away to the Yankees and they paid 'em big money to wash for 'em. #3. ", "Dey was a gin and cotton press on de place. Dat why I say I can't see so good. I'll never be a slave I can't do much and lives on de $10.00 de month pension. Hamer became more widely known in 1934 as a leader of the posse that hunted down and fatally shot Bonnie and Clyde. Course, I don't blame him for dat, 'cause dere ain't anythin' lazier dan a lazy nigger. In 1990, the boys basketball team won the 3A state championship with a 350 record after beating Gainesville and Lamesa at the state tournament played at the University of Texas Frank Erwin Center. I went there after the war for a while and then I looked 'round and decided to get back. As of the 2020 United States census, there were 7,643 people, 2,661 households, and 2,011 families residing in the city. ", "I's got 8 gran'chillun and 5 great-gran'chillun. Old Mew Johnson, the preacher, seen to it church went on. He hid for his life in Galveston, and filed charges against many of the men, who were later fined but their murders were never prosecuted. He tell de overseer, 'If you can't make dem niggers work without de whup, den you not de man I wants.' De whol side of my lef' leg mos' bu'n off. "It's a funny thing how folks always want to know about the War. Dey was my mudder and me and de ole mistus and marster on de plantation. The inquiry dealt with whether the Deputy Police chief of Navasota Police department knew about the felony conviction for forgery of a family friend. The second is a stone bust that was previously in downtown, and was rededicated by the French consulate in May 2012 at nearby August Horst Park. The city is also home to the Willy 98.7 FM and 1550 AM radio stations, which are owned and managed by Bryan Broadcasting in Bryan, Texas. But it didn't turn out that way. 'Bout dat time de War started. Then there was neighbors went off to fight. asked the interviewer. Since her husband's death in 1928 Pauline has depended on the charity of friends, with whom she lives at 2504 Ross Ave., North Fort Worth, Texas. We decided we was too soft and freedom wasn't goin' to be much to our good even if we had a education.". For a ripe, red mouth. came through the window from sister Ella. But us don't leave Massa John, us go right on workin' for him like 'fore. Hallelujah broke out, "'Abe Lincoln freed the nigger "When I's 16 year ole I want to hab courtin'. Every Sunday morning the undertaker hitched up a buggy and went downtown to collect the bodies he expected to find after another wild Saturday night. I run errands and kept the yard clean, things a little boy could do. Dat makes me 102 come nex' December., Read more about this topic: Navasota, Texas, Culture, the acquainting ourselves with the best that has been known and said in the world, and thus with the history of the human spirit.Matthew Arnold (18221888), The history of modern art is also the history of the progressive loss of arts audience. MOLLY HARRELL was born a slave on the Swanson plantation, near Palestine, Texas. "My mistus hav lots of company. "No one knowed when de Klux comin'. It jes' slip out. She's wo'kin' for Jack Ditto and I's pleased to see her. argo parts amazon. He mek 'em outer rough red russet ledder. In 1833, a group including the extended family and associates of John Parker, a Baptist minister and veteran of the American Revolution, began to relocate from Illinois to Texas. '", "Land sakes, Felix!" Dey serve cake. "After he was whipped my daddy run away to the north. Each spring, Navasota is a popular destination for its bluebonnet fields, the state flower of Texas. "Me and Bob Thomas and dis husban', Josh, what I marry thirteen year ago, hab 'bout 10 chillen all togedder. I jus' always asks that question for fun. ), with the cooperation of the City of Navasota, The Navasota Police Department's new Chief, and the Navasota City Council made a stand against crime and the Railroad Street bars closed down after decades of open drug sales and vice. In the late 1990s Citizens for Action in Navasota (C.A.N. CHURCHES Born into slavery in 1840 in Louisiana, Gaines was sold to a Robertson County planter in Texas in 1859. After September 1859, when the Houston and Texas Central Railway built into the town, Navasota became important as a shipping and marketing center for the surrounding area. Reported in the Bryan Eagle and Navasota Examiner. I 'most forgot it myself till you got round me jes' den. They was cattle that they belonged to, all right; they had gone to find water 'long the San Antonio River and the Guadalupe. Us stay right on de place. Dey give us plenty of co'nbread. Many Navasota citizens, including the mayor, fled to escape the disease, and the town's population dropped by about 50 percent. Mister, them was shirts that was shirts! Leavin' the thicket, Dat was my home, so I kep' pesterin' marster to fetch me back, but he slips off and leaves me. Mistus 'low me to hab de boy come right to de big house to see me. We got our lickings, but just the same we got our fill of biscuits every time the white folks had 'em. I stayed there a while and got married. Dey have good times on dat place, and don't want to leave. They made tea out of 'lion's tongue' for the stomach and snake root is good for pains in the stomach, too. Ann related her story in a deep voice and a jovial manner. I never see her no mo'. Den word come Willie am kilt. "The Lawd called me then and I answered and was preacher here at the Union Baptist Church, on 11th and K, 'bout 25 years. In December 2010 Navasota residents and the town paper reported the appearance of wild hogs in downtown Navasota. Then the whites gave me and my father some cattle for our own. "Most of the time the master gave us castor oil when we were sick. African Americans formed a unique ethnic identity in Texas while facing the problems of societal and institutional discrimination as well as colorism for many years. We had papers in them days jus' like now. "De only thing I 'members 'bout all dat, am dere am lots of cryin' when dey tooks me 'way from my mammy. In 2009, Navasota was selected as a "Visionaries in Preservation" city by the Texas Historical Commission to protect the numerous historic structures in the city. De sojers done took de rations. De nex' night back dey comes and asks where Jane am. He relentlessly fought the various power factions, and one day fought one perceived local warlord in the mud on main street, throwing him in jail and defying all comers, as the rest of the troublemakers began to search for cover. NOVEMBER 8, 2011 Large numbers of Federal Law Enforcement ATF Agents move in on Armed drug dealing gangs. She cry right 'long with me when I cry, 'cause I hurt so. Navasota has many shops and artisans in its historic downtown district, including antique, gift, and boutique stores and art galleries housed in old classic stone and brick structures. De way you sees me layin' on dis bed am what I has to do mos' de time. The house was built by Alabama native Robert Augustus Horlock in 1892. ", "Dey was a cullud man what mek shoes for de slaves to wear in de winter time. The assassination attempt failed, however, and Scott was scurried out of town, badly wounded, under protection of a Federal militia, and he never returned to Grimes County. I wish I had one of dem ol' time go'ds now to drink my milk outer. "I knowed Wright Cuney well and he held the biggest place a cullud man ever helt in Galveston. It makes white men a little insulted when you dont know they is white, and it makes niggers all conceited up when you think maybe they is white.". "She can't sell de cotton. Several native-stone churches also remain near downtown, with distinctive Victorian fronts. Dey use to pass by with bags on de mules and fill dem with stuff from de houses. William now lives at 910 E. Weatherford St., Ft. Worth, Texas. Texas State Highway 6 passes northsouth through the eastern side of the city as a four-lane bypass, leading northwest 22 miles (35km) to College Station and south 21 miles (34km) to Hempstead. Mid 1860s skirmish between Navasotan disgruntled freedmen and Confederate veterans broke out in the Brazos Bottoms near Millican, after a race riot there threw the whole region into a panic. Den he tell everybody he own a slave. Beaumont, Jefferson, Dist. Them shirts wouldn't rip no more'n buckskin. ", "Us gals wo' plain, long waisted dress. Police seized drugs, money and illegal gambling machines. She does not know her age, but thinks she was about seven when she was freed. Dat was dey law in dem days. The population density was 1,109.7 people per square mile (428.3/km2). Us place was right near Col' Springs. Texas State Highway 105 is the main eastwest route that passes through the center of Navasota, leading southwest 25 miles (40km) to Brenham and east 41 miles (66km) to Conroe. "There was some cullud young men went to the schools they'd opened by the gov'ment. Dey was cut straight and wid long waist and dey button down de back. The census of 1850 reported 58,161 slaves, 27.4 percent of the 212,592 people in Texas, and the census of 1860 enumerated 182,566 slaves, 30.2 percent of the total population. Ole mistus he'p me make my weddin' dress outta white lawn. Washington County. They'd go to the jails and take the cullud men out and knock their brains out and break their necks and throw 'em in the river. Nothin' was different. But he never punish nobody 'cept dey done somethin'. My brudders is Newton and Silas and Willie and Frank. Hispanics/Latinos can be of any race. I l'arn how to hoe, too. "To de bes' of dis nigger's mem'randum, de feed am good. About 25.1% of all households were made up of individuals, and 10.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. Drug dealers, prostitutes and drunks could not be seen standing around this area anymore. Course de field hands got it worse, but den, dey was men. It is 71 miles (114km) northwest of Houston. "We knowed freedom was on us, but we didn't know what was to come with it. I didn' use snuff nor chew 'till after I growed up and marry. We better eat and shut our mouf. The downtown buildings were overrun with lawless ruffians, gamblers, prostitutes, and drunks. Massa Buford says de trader comes from Missouri, but if I is born dere I don't know. Den I know he almos' home and I holler and wave my han' and he holler and wave he han' right back. Dey sho' dead.' Us never learn read much, tho' she try teach me some. "De earlies' 'membrance I hab is when de ole marster drive into de town for supplies every two weeks. Slavery was integral to the local economy as planters depended on enslaved African Americans to labor for their large plantations. Later, Stephen F. Austin gained an exception to the law from the Mexican government to entice more Americans I heerd of slaves bein' whip' but I ain't never see any git whip. She was a little, white-hair' woman, what never los' her temper 'bout nothin'. 1850 Slave Schedules Grimes County (Source: Explore Ancestry for free) ($) 1860 Slave Schedules (Source: Marster says, 'If you did, de houn' got 'em.' I went and he told me goodbye, 'cause he was goin' to run away in a few days. 'Now,' she say, 'All you cullud folks born and raise here and us allus been good to you. "One time they had 12 men in jail, 'cused of robbin' white folks. Webslavery in navasota, texas. Firearms, Crack cocaine and other drugs seized. My mammy, Emily Budle, she cook and clean up mistus log house cabin. Then the old Negro began searching his 92 years of reminiscences, intermixing his findings with philosophy, poetry and prognostications. ", "My gramma and my ma and ol' man Norsworthy dey come from Alabama. And shirts! De way I feels now, 'twon't be long 'fore I goes, too. "It 'bout two year after freedom mammy gits marry and us goes and works on shares. I was too little to get on the stand, so they had to hold me up and Mr. Harper bought me for $1,100. When I's 'bout nine year ole she buy me a purty white dress and took me to jine de church. No mam. He allus brung me somethin', jus' like I he own little gal. You be a good girl and try to git through de worl' dat way.' Navasota was founded by European-Americans in 1831 as a stagecoach stop named "Nolansville." Hamer moved in and imposed law and order, prosecuting Navasota criminals until the town became safe again. Day has dances and fun till de Ku Klux org'nizes and den it am lots of trouble. "How you carries on! "We was 'fraid of them Klu Kluxes and come to town, to Snow Hill. For other uses, see, This populated place has portions in adjacent county or counties, This populated place has portions in an adjacent county or counties. He was congressman and the white people looked up to him just like he was white. You never knowed what he gwine to do. When it's over, de Marster comes home and dey holds a big celebration. We had our li'l go'ds (gourds) pretty and clean and white. You ain't never find a lazier nigger dan Will. For every 100 females, there were 86.5 males. Course, I don' want to go back into slavery, but I's paid for my freedom. She uster weave all us clo's. He served as marshal until 1911. Marster give me de wors' scoldin' I ever has and dat larned me a lesson. Generally, the census only names the slave owner. Den at night, de big fire builded and all us sot 'round it. Sometime he brung me a whistle or some candy or doll or somethin'. WebBuilt in 1834 by Henry Fanthorp as a home for his third wife, Rachel Kennard, the Fanthorp home and Inn has been closely connected with events of early Texas history. Dey jines de army and after 'bout a year, massa jine too, and, course, dat make de missy awful sad. Navasota was one of 70 (out of over a thousand) cities in Texas to receive the Gold status. [14] Other attractions include art galleries, the Horlock House Artists-in-Residence program and museum, live music venues, food truck parks and several murals that present great selfie locations for area visitors. "De ole marster pick me out a lil', gentle hoss named Julie and dat was my very own hoss. It tells dat Marster Ben am kilt and dat dey was a shippin' him home.