Every Friday or Saturday night he would be at a party or a disco. Marcos Santos played by Francisco Rubio (season 3), Andreas El doctor Ibarra Sants haba declarado sobre el poder, los negocios ilcitos y los contactos que tenan los Arellano Flix y se comprometi a detener a los llamados narcotraficantes, pero no pudo complir con su cometido. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. How Palm Springs ran out Black and Latino families to build a fantasy for rich, white people, 17 SoCal hiking trails that are blooming with wildflowers (but probably not for long! Fabian is presumed dead. So did skinny little Fabian Martinez, who was so shy that his father, a respected pediatrician, organized a baseball team so his son would have children to play with. After 28 days on the job, Ibarra was shot to death Sept. 14, 1996, outside the Mexico City airport. Little by little, they get to know a lot of people.. WebAlfredo Hodoyan was extradited to Mexico and is now awaiting trial in Almaloya, Mexico's high security prison outside of Mexico City. The mother said she had prodded Alex to tell the Assistant United States Attorney, Gonzalo P. Curiel, about his torture in Mexico. Alfredo Hodoyan, 25, and a childhood friend have been jailed in San Diego for a year on a Mexican warrant charging them with helping the Arellano Felix brothers She would have kept seeing him. One night, Ramon invited Emilio out to romance some beautiful women, and Lina snapped: Shut up Ramon. Emilio worried about it, a relative says. The Arellanos and the narcojuniors were celebrities.. Cristina Palacios de Hodoyan said her son Alfredo, a graduate of St. Augustine Catholic school in San Diego, is the manager of family rental properties, not a gunman. ITS UNCLEAR WHETHER ANGELICA BUSTAMANTE AND LINA LITERAS KNEW exactly what they were getting into when they started going to the kind of parties where the bad-boy charms of Emilio Valdez Mainero and Kitty Paez were drawing sultry glances from teenage girls. First ''Tell them I made a deal with the general, and the general is keeping his word to me,'' Mr. Hodoyan said. American officials said the Mexican armed forces had provided an airplane to fly the A.T.F. Deceased She is the mother of Alfredo Hodoyan, 31, the childhood friend of Emilio who is accused of taking part, at the behest of the cartel, in the spectacular gangland slaying of Baja Californias federal police commander in September 1996. Junto con el doctor Ibarra Sants, otras tres personas fueron asesinadas por El Lobo, dos agentes federales y un taxista, hecho por el que el narcojunior fue sentenciado a cumplir una pena de 50 aos en prisin. She shakes her head. U.S. prosecutors say he worked for the notorious Arellano Felix brothers: Benjamin, described by law enforcement authorities as the cartels chief executive, and Alex I understand, but it stretches things. Mrs. Hodoyan said she felt torn apart by the clashing interests of her two sons. United States officials later described that as an egregious failure to deliver the basic protections guaranteed citizens in trouble in foreign lands. He can't.''. That did not qualify Paez as a suitable fiance for the daughter of the president of the Tijuana Convention and Visitors Bureau. Emilio told her family he wont rest until he finds out what happened, a relative says. In return they gave him loads of cocaine and marijuana to move across the border, allowing him to keep the proceeds, he told Mexican prosecutors. ''They told me I had arrived in hell,'' he said in a statement he dictated to his parents months later. Alfredo Hodoyan era apodado como El Lobo tuvo una estrecha relacin con los hermanos Arellano Flix en Tijuana. Lets face it, it was often for the money. Mexican military officials announced the arrest of General Gutierrez Rebollo. Then, several officials said, Mr. Randall did nothing further about Mr. Hodoyan. WebAlfredo Hodoyan played by Ivn Aragn (season 3), Alexs older brother and a member of the Narcojuniors. The 36-year-old Mr. Hodoyan hasn't been seen since and is presumed dead. Upper-class circles are as newly minted as the modern Tijuana Country Club, built in 1948 on the grounds of the old casino, a remnant of the time that the city was a Prohibition getaway for Hollywood movie stars. He was a killer idiot., By the time Ramon joined the list of FBIs Most Wanted in 1997, Ruth was in San Diego, immersed in a life of intense suburban normalcy-except for the DEA crew trailing her family. did not allow its Mexico agents to comment about their role. ''No remorse at all. Endir y Henain Meza Castaos, los dos hermanos narcojuniors sufrieron el embate de Ramn que comenz a asesinar a todos aquellos que queran quitarle el control. His methods, frankly, were overlooked.''. I never did. Newspaper and TV reports said that Ignacio Weber Rodriguez, of the now-defunct National Institute for the Combat of Drugs, was charged Tuesday at a high-security prison outside the nations capital. Gustavo Miranda Santacruz fue el siguiente en la lista al ser levantado y posteriormente baleado, suerte que no corri El Lobo. Two months later, that officer, Gen. Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo, was jailed on charges of collaborating with another drug lord, a bitter rival of the Arellano Felix brothers. Their fate poses an uncomfortable question for this cosmopolitan border city: How did a bunch of kids from Tijuanas wealthiest neighborhoods get mixed up with some of the deadliest men in the hemisphere? Mr. Hoyodan's mother and father urged him to remain loyal to the family and his circle of childhood friends. agent he believed that Mr. Hodoyan was probably one more Mexican trying to get out of a jam by claiming to be an American. Its like this big adult playground. Their statements are contained in confidential court records. Her family says she has since remarried, but the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that she showed up with the children at Kittys sentencing hearing in January as he choked back tears and apologized to society in general for everything I did. His freewheeling life was reduced to clinical legal descriptions of meetings where Ramon plotted violent acts by narcojuniors. He and Angelica had been divorced for a year, her family says. Kitty was sentenced to 30 years. Taking to Twitter this morning, Hector and pal Tommy I don't want them to kill me. Ramon became the godfather of a number of children in Tijuana, Cristina de Hodoyan said in 1996. They never did anything to me, Mama, please try to understand,'' he said. So many kids from society got involved with them, she sighs. After two hours, the official said, the agent believed that he ''had a live one.'' ''Had this person done even the minimum which duty, regulation, law and custom indicate, the consular service would not have been ignorant of Mr. Hodoyan's detention,'' said Mr. Hamilton, the spokesman for the embassy in Mexico City. It wont be so easy now.. Alex Hodoyan Alex knew that his detention by the DEA was illegal, and threatened a lawsuit unless he was freed. They began to change around 1985, when Cristina picked up her daughter at a rock concert and was introduced to a flamboyant teenager with flashy gold chains on his wrists and a big gold medallion around his neck. Lina was a far savvier player in the social scene. Their beeper goes off and they have to go.) An invitation that found its way into U.S. court files directed the juniors to a splashy post-baptism disco party hosted by Ramon and the babys other godfather, Kitty Paez. Finally he broke down in sobs. The information he had given to redeem himself had probably just gone to benefit another cartel. Completely neurotic. Other wives, like Lina Literas, hunkered down and became one of the boys-but she was not crazy about Ramon. Not long after General Gutierrez Rebollo had captured Mr. Hodoyan, he had informed his superiors about him. The elegant breakables in the tall glass cases seem too fragile for the tale that Gonzalez is telling. After the archbishops killing, Ramon and Benjamin were no longer enigmas but front-page headlines-Mexicos most wanted fugitives. Mr. Hodoyan, the oldest of the Hodoyan children, is a 35-year old law school dropout and cocaine addict who never held a steady job. That worried Emilio a lot, the relative says. And Emilio-Did you know his father was the cousin of a Mexican president?-lived right around the corner. Soon after he arrived in the United States, Mr. Hodoyan, his 32-year-old wife, Bertha Gastelum de Hodoyan, and his mother met with the American prosecutor who was handling the extradition of his brother. he said. El Lobo permanece en libertad y se especula que regres a vivir a San Diego, California. General Gutierrez Rebollo set out to convince Alex Hodoyan to testify against his friend and his brother. A United States magistrate concluded in his ruling that Alejandro Hodoyan had probably been killed last year by the Tijuana drug traffickers, who were Alfredo's associates. They see the end coming.''. 1. My work as a priest is one thing, but to act as an authority is another.. ''He didn't tell anybody above, below or alongside,'' a diplomat said later, calling Mr. Randall's performance ''a clear case of nonfeasance.''. (These people have last-minute commitments and problems, one relative says. Police told the family that he appeared to have been tortured in front of her. They saw them involved in an illicit business, yet roaming around free, getting all the French champagne and good-looking girls, and they said, Hey, why cant I be part of this elite? , I knew [Alfredo] was with them, Alejandro said. Alex's own brother Alfredo assists him in joining the gang, which does not end well for Alex. 1 Officially, the Arellano Felixes were on the lam. I still pay for his gas. It's Follow Border City podcast I wondered sometimes about the fine line that separated safety from danger in Tijuana. He named Emilio on national television. WebAlfredo Hodoyan (Died 1995), also known as El Lobo was a Mexican-American drug trafficker and a narcojunior of the Tijuana cartel . In the bare room, the agent introduced himself to Mr. Hodoyan, blindfolded and cuffed to a bed. But how had a penniless 19-year-old come up with the money for a liquor license? Get the day's top news with our Today's Headlines newsletter, sent every weekday morning. The devalued Mexican peso was relegating some upper class Tijuana families to the middle class. They interviewed him, and hoped that he would eventually be a cooperating witness for the Government against the Arellanos. He immediately implicated his brother and himself in a number of crimes. The D.E.A. In May 2001, Arturo Kitty Paez, 34, became the first accused lieutenant of the Tijuana drug cartel to be extradited to the United States for cocaine trafficking. Judging from U.S. court files, Ramons Rat Pack also knew he was not the most predictable party guest. El Lobo haba estudiado en una escuela Catlica en San Diego, Estados Unidos al ser hijo de un empresario prominente de Tijuana, Baja California, Mxico. Not Alfredo-tall, good-looking, bilingual, U.S.-born; a graduate of the prestigious St. Augustine Academy in San Diego. What parent doesn't wish for their kids to live a positive life. agent that Mr. Hodoyan had been blindfolded to prevent him from seeing the American's face, since the prisoner, they said, was a ''dangerous and violent criminal.''. Mexico City sent authorities to ransack the Hodoyans house, and houses belonging to Emilio, Kitty, Benjamin and Ramon were seized. He was recruited by Arturo "El Kitty" Pez to smuggle drugs across the border, but was After a long period of few consequences, the narcojuniors were about to discover that U.S. prosecutors couldnt care less about their fathers, wives, friends or family connections. Angelica belonged to a sheltered, well-chaperoned world of weddings and baptisms. REPUTATIONS WERENT THE only things damaged. ''My stomach is starting to hurt,'' he said as he raged at the Arellanos. Grandparents rolled their eyes when ostentatious gifts from the godfathers arrived at childrens birthday parties. ''He was crazy, loco, desperate,'' Bertha Hodoyan said. But it wouldnt have mattered. DOVER, Delaware Of all the places for Ryan Truex to absolutely turn in a career day, the 31-year-old led a dominating 124 of the 200 laps at his hometown Dover (Del.) Foto: Especial. As I settled deeper into the city, I I just want to say; I always read the article first then comment. ''Prior to the murder the witness's brother arrived at the hotel,'' the record of Mr. Hodoyan's testimony reads, referring to the April 1996 killing of a Mexican boxer said to have encroached on the Arellanos' turf. ''Every time the D.E.A. The Ibarra Murders They seemed small-time. Alex exploded, saying: ''I don't matter to them! To be fair, he does decent in the group after a rocky start and is even assigned crucial jobs and tasks to complete. Alejandro Hodoyan vanished a second _ and apparently last _ time on March 5 when two men with automatic rifles jumped out of a van in a Tijuana parking lot, tossed him inside, and screeched away. Mr. Hamilton refused to identify the consul involved in the case. You have no rules. The Mexican military eventually turned Mr. Hodoyan over to American officials who are preparing a major new indictment against the Arellano Felix organization. ''I love my brother, Mama,'' Mr. Hodoyan told his mother at one point. They were Emilio Valdez Mainero and Alfredo Hodoyan. His mother says a federal police commander pulled Alex out of her car in 1997 and the family hasnt seen him since. He felt very brave strutting around with them. TE PUEDE INTERESAR:Lola La Chata, de vender ropa y chicharrones a ser una de las pioneras del narco en Mxico. Comments are moderated, refer to policy for more information.Enva fotos, vdeos, notas, enlaces o informacin Todo 100% Annimo;borderlandbeat@gmail.com. Drawing on his prodigious memory, he poured out what he knew about the Arellanos in manic bursts. When allowed, he trailed behind General Gutierrez Rebollo. Those were simpler times. He is presumed dead. Instead they killed two army soldiers who were at the scene. ''I'm sure I would have done whatever needed to be done,'' he said, calling it ''convenient'' that embassy officials had heaped all of the blame on the one person involved who was no longer in government service. To Dario Garin, the president of the Tijuana Country Club, the Arellano Felixes allure boiled down to two simple things: Money. Alfredo was extradited from San Diego to Mexico in 1999 to face charges in the Ibarra murder and is awaiting a judgment in his case. ''. Linas father passed away four months later. Last The echo-filled room and strangely empty military barracks struck the A.T.F. Why? Now hes trying to sell his story to Hollywood. She had volunteered at the church since she was 16, reading Scripture at services and carrying the wine, chalice and water. Still, the drug enforcement agents eagerly accepted the offer as a rare chance to cooperate with the Mexican military and improve their relations with the general. Abductions since last night have been reported in San Fernando, Reynosa "Sol Prendido" for Borderland A man identified as Guillermo Daniel Mndez Madrigal, 25, who allegedly belonged to a cell of the A Blog dedicated to reporting on Mexican drug cartels. Hodoyans old bosses _ the Arellano Felix brothers _ are believed to control almost all drug trafficking along the California-Mexico border, transporting tons of cocaine and marijuana into the United States. ''Alex, above all, we have to be united,'' Mrs. Hodoyan said, her voice taut with pain. The crime and violence, the impurities, the prostitution, the prisons etc.Solution:L E G A L I Z E & P R E V E N T !! 'You know what?' ''Alfredo is my brother. They have lots of money. Officers at the Defense Ministry in Mexico City invited an agent from the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to question an exceptional informant they had about arms smuggling to Mexican drug traffickers. One of the gangs leaders, Ramon Arellano Felix, was placed on the FBIs Most Wanted list in September. Hodoyan Palacios form parte de los Two Mexican officers, in plain clothes, drove the agent to the base where Mr. Hodoyan was held and accompanied him into the meeting. Other officials confirmed that it was Mr. Randall, who was recalled from Mexico to Washington late last year and retired from the Foreign Service in January 1997. This is happening at an age where that stuff is very important to you.. It is also based on confidential Mexican court documents as well as tape recordings, obtained by The New York Times, of telephone calls he made to his family in Tijuana last year when he was a military prisoner. The family still hopes that Alex will someday Mexican court documents describe Mr. Arellano as a compulsive murderer who has killed several times for sport and is implicated in more than 60 homicides. Her new boyfriend was a very polite young man, and very much in love with Ruth, says Montano. Walt has to tell Alex hed been lying about the death of his brother Alfredo to make the hapless narcojunior come with him. After the first contact, Mr. Hoyodan was allowed to call his parents regularly, and as he talked in guarded language, they realized that he was informing on the Arellano gang and was under pressure to turn on his own brother. General Gutierrez Rebollo had good reason to court Mr. Hodoyan. I dont think theyll fool them again, Tijuana Country Club president Dario Garin said. General Gutierrez Rebollo won the fight for Alex Hodoyan's allegiance. Mexican anti-drug agents flew Mrs. Hodoyan from Tijuana for the hearing. Reached by telephone at his southern California residence, Mr. Randall said he had no recollection of Mr. Hodoyan's case. He had been granted formal immunity from prosecution in Mexico in exchange for his testimony. ''He was a very confident guy who projected the sense that 'we're the military -- we're going to get the job done.' He says her stepfather owned an elegant Tijuana restaurant and her grandfather had been head of immigration and a political party chief. Kitty Paez was arrested by U.S. request in downtown Tijuana in 1997. Witness Protection Program in exchange for his testimony against the cartel. I know Alfredo is innocent, Cristina Hodoyan said at the time. But Mr. Hodoyan was bitter that the Arellano gang had sent him into an ambush. But General Gutierrez Rebollo kept Mr. Hodoyan incommunicado for the next two months, mainly in a vacant army base on the outskirts of Guadalajara. It was a surprise to a lot of people in Tijuana who had dealings with them without knowing what they did, Montano says. His manic charisma drew the admiration of kids such as Emilio Valdez Mainero, the kind of young men who are known in Mexico by a not entirely flattering term: juniors. Eventually Ramons friends would be tagged by the press as narcojuniors., People whispered about what Ramon and his brothers did. Father Montano says he was not the only one who was stunned to discover that the Arellanos were drug traffickers. Her body turned up four days later with the corpse of her married boyfriend. American diplomats in Guadalajara made what they later described as routine phone calls to local police stations and jails to see if he was there. MEXICO CITY -- The Giants and Padres teamed up to hold a Play Ball event at Estadio Alfredo Harp Hel on Saturday morning, hosting over 100 local youth from the John Langdon Down Foundation in conjunction with Major League Baseballs Mexico City Series. Carrillo was considered Mexicos No. Seven weeks earlier, gunmen for the Arellano organization had bungled a plot to assassinate Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the leader of a rival cartel. '', ''He can't,'' Mr. Hodoyan insisted. But in those days, explains one self-described narcojunior who is now a protected witness, the guys with the nicest cars and girls were the drug dealers. Emilio ended up in a U.S prison, convicted of drug trafficking in 1998. an indictment of everyone the whole system. If he got drunk or started using, you didnt even want to be around him, the protected witness says. Mrs. Hodoyan has said that she visited her son last fall at a military installation in the western state capital of Guadalajara, where she said he was being held secretly by the generals men. Mr. Curiel declined to be interviewed, noting that he is barred from discussing pending cases. And that was merely the first chapter in a life never imagined by Angelicas parents. ''In Tijuana the Arellanos bought their way into the cream of society,'' said a Mexican antidrug prosecutor who asked not to be identified. Mr. Curiel acknowledged recently at a court hearing in San Diego that the allegations of torture were plausible and serious, but said they should be investigated by the Mexican authorities. Lina had filed for divorce when she brought their children to visit Emilio at a California prison Nov. 20, 2000, her family says. A HOT DAY IN TIJUANA IS COOLING INTO A GOLDEN SUNSET. Status Angelica Bustamante is the granddaughter of Alfonso Bustamante, Tijuanas Rockefeller, the border pioneer who built the twin business towers that loom over this boomtown. The US captured him based on the information provided by General Gutierrez Rebollo. Some of these descriptions have to had been written into that "traffic" movie. Its unbelievable the power you feel, the witness says. Youre young. I thought [forget] that, and got off the beach. "HEARST" and "Redlogarythm" for Borderland Beat This week, a pamphlet showing the rules of conduct given to hitmen in "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat The United Nations warns in a new report that insecurity in the capital has reached levels com "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat Video translation is as follows: Five days after the shootout in Teocaltiche, Jalisco, images w "HEARST" and " Redlogarythm" f or Borderland Beat Hitmen who work for Cartel del Golfo boss "El Primito" were "Socalj" for Borderland Beat A K9 sniffer dog alerted inspectors to a load of over 11,500 bottles of tequila bound for export. Mexican police say some of the brothers were the proteges of a well-connected relative, the Sinaloa drug kinpin Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, who was jailed in 1989 in connection with the murder of U.S. DEA agent Enrique Camarena. Ruth Serrano Corona was with her husband Benjamin when Mexican soldiers burst into their bedroom in March. Francisco Flores was in fact inspired by Alex Hodoyans story but not 100%, it is the General plus the three stars gives it away..just saying not sure.